Dear Friends and Colleagues,
It is my pleasure to invite you to take part in The International Congress of Private Medical Practice in Serbia to be held on October 4-6, 2011 in Belgrade, Hotel Continental.
You will have opportunity to get acquainted with latest achievements in the field of diagnosis and therapy of different medical branches as well as to active participation in the Congress activities.
To this ,,fair” of scientific and technological achievements including marketing, pharmaceutical companies, equipment manufacturers, insurance companies, public relations, media, economists, lawers, patients, users of health services, we shall try to evaluate state of art in health and to recommend best ,,recipe” for the most efficient and perfect health.
Two topics will be first priority: ,,Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases” and ,,Prevention of Malignant Diseases”. It is known that large number of people in the world suffer of these diseases.
Inevitable topic is also ,,Application of EU Standards and Patient Rights”. Dear Colleagues, we hope that you will take part in this Congress and contribute by your active participation to its success. Looking forward to seeing you at the Congress
Yours sincerely,
Professor Viseslav Hadzi-Tanovic M.D. PhD
President of the Congress
President of the Serbian Medical Association of Private Doctors
1. Cardiology
2. Aterosclerosis
3. Pulmology
4. Endocrinology
5. Gastroenterology
6. Psychiatry
7. Dermatovenerology
8. Oncology
9. Cardiosurgery
10. Abdominal Surgery
11. Ginecology
12. Urology
13. Oftalmology
14. Orthopedic Surgery
15. Stomatology
16. Radiology, MR, CT, US
17. Sports Medicine
18. Physical Medicine
19. Alternative Medicine
20. Homeopathy
21. Geriatry
1. Health Menagment
2. Health Marketing
3. Private Health Insurance
4. Health Tourist Business
5. Patients Rights
6. Information Techonoly
7. Evaluation of Working Capacity
8. Education at private medical school