Private Doctors Against Fiscal Register Cash

At the Meeting of the Association of Private Doctors of Serbia held on April 9, 2009 they have come to the following conclusions:
1.The implementation of Fiscal Cash Register in private health is illegal because health services are not taxed and the are out PDV./Tax for aditional Value/ and it is not  necessary to implement it except if it is about to ask provision for implementation of fiscal  cash register to the private sector.
2.Implementation of Fiscal  Cash Register for private health services only is violation of the Constitution because the same services for the state health are not  recorded  and not to mentioned Fiscal Cash Register, special services and participation.
3. How to transport Fiscal Cash to home visits, how to go in the field or how to register gratis examination, who will be  able to certify health services?
4.Fiscal Cash Registers are not used anywhere in the world.
5.The above arguments clearly demonstate that the implementation of Fiscal Cash Registers to the private doctors is maltreatment of honest tax payers who  are not in the black market  neither in private nor in the state sector.
These justified requests of private doctors have been proceeded to the President of the Government of Serbia and to the ministers of trade and finance as well as to the Assembly` s Board for Health.