Congres 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues, I have a great pleasure, that after twenty years, I can say that our project, which at first looked like as a small adventure, is successful, that today, in an era when Serbia is preparing to enter the European Union, we have a lot to offer to Europe, that is a system of private health care which is equal to the state health care service.

I  can say that we have an organized private health care, whose services are used, at moment, by over 50% of patients, both in specialist services and in the field of diagnostics, laboratories and normally in the field of dentistry that number is already over 90%.
When we talk about health care, we in the private sector mainly think about prevention, and therefore the objective of this Congress is that through prevention reduce cardiovascular and malignant diseases and that Serbia no longer be at the top, as global statistics show, by mortality rate from these diseases.
Our goal is to enter the Europe Union. Europe has moved the boundaries between states, and we want to do the same. I think we are on the right track, that the climate gradually changes and that we, at this time next year, would be proud to tell you that we equalized private and public sector, that we have all the standards like in Europe and that we can together, with our colleagues from Europe, participate in building of new clinics. Open this market for those who want to open hospitals here, to open foundations that people could be treated better, normally that is the environment that we want and that we will lobby for.
Once again I want to welcome you and to wish you much success at the Congress.
Academician Vladimir Kanjuh
Dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to greet your first congress of Serbian private medical practice in the name of the institutions which I am president, two boards of SANU: Committee for monitoring the development of medical science and the Committee for cardio-vascular pathology, and also on behalf of the Serbian Association for arteriosclerosis.
Our private medical practice must be recognized the three major significant achievements: The first achievement is that it hired a large number of doctors who would otherwise remain unemployed and perhaps go abroad. The second achievement: these private doctors have provide great material resources for their working premises and that is significant investment in our health service. The third: the successful engagement of private physicians cover a large number of our population needs for health care and that makes easier work of public health services.
I would, also, point on the other thing, that all doctors, even You, need permanent medical education. The Doctoral chamber, the Medical Academy, the VMA and other institutions should respond to Your expectations for continuous education. This means that all these institutions make the programs of permanent medical education, valorizing that with the appropriate credits, as it works everywhere in the world. You should give Your suggestions, Your initiatives and therefore the SANU will give its best to help You on that matter.
I wish you successful work of your first Congress. Thank you. 
Tanja Jovanovic MD PhD
Dean of the School of Medicine, University of Belgrade
Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear colleagues, It is great pleasure to welcome you on behalf of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade, on behalf of our Dean Md Phd Vladimir Bumbasirevic and all the University consortium.
It is great satisfaction that the Serbian association of private doctors accepted the Faculty of medicine and invited us to this great celebration, marking the 20 years of private medical practice in Serbia and that our eminent professors from the Faculty of Medicine is actively participating in this Congress.
We are opened for cooperation with all academic, scientific institutions in the country and in the world, with all the health institutions, because we know what our mission is, because we want to educate students from undergraduate to various post-graduation studies and to present them the art of medicine. That is the reason why we are today with You, I think that is our task, our goal and that is: top quality health care for our people and our country.
Once again I welcome You and wish You the successful Congress and I hope that this Congress will become a tradition for this country.
The first Congress of private medical practice in Serbia
 The first Congress of the Serbian Medical Association Of Private Doctors, on the occasion of 20 years since the private doctors have been re-allowed to work in Serbia, surpassed all expectations, both and by interest, as for professional topics in cardiology, oncology, ophthalmology, diagnostic ultrasound, psychiatry and other fields, and the current social issues: the rights of patients, health care reform, medical error, health insurance, doctors from the diaspora and so on.
On both days of the Congress there were more then 1150 participants in 4 rooms, where 102 lectures, symposia and round tables, were held. The opening ceremony was attended by 875 guests, academics, professors, doctors from private and state health and the VMA, media representatives , diplomatic cores, professional and non-governmental organizations.

The Congress was opened by the President of Serbian Medical Association Of Private Doctors, Phd. Viseslav Hadzi-Tanovic, who presented the results of 20 years of private medical practice in Serbia, emphasizing the leadership role of the private sector and advocating for the rapid implementation of the EU standards in the Serbian medical practice. Director of the general sponsor, PharmaSwiss, Mr. Mirko Bogdanov expressed full commitment of his company to contribute to continuous medical education of Serbian doctors, both for state and private sector. Academician Vladimir Kanjuh, in front of SANU Department of Medical Sciences supported the development of private medical practice, as reality that won its place among the citizens of Serbia. Academician Miodrag Ostojic also supported a private medical practice in front of the Serbian Association of Cardiologists, as the reality and the basic postulate of the democratic standards the EU. Dean of the School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Phd. Tanja Jovanovic welcomed the work of the Congress, and expressed full support of the College of the School of Medicine, University of Belgrade for the development of private medical practice and continuing of medical education.
After the appropriate program and the cocktail, prepared by PharmaSwiss, the general sponsor, the Congress has officialy started.


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