The Asociation of private doctors of Serbia is professional,voluntary,nongovernmental association, its members are private doctors, owners of doctor`s offices, or clinics and doctors employed in private health and they respect Statute and the Constitution of Serbia.
The Association was founded on April 27,1991. in Belgrade at inaugural Assembly. Founders were medical doctors and stomatologists,owners of private doctor`s offices and clinics.
Private Medical Chamber was founded on August 1,1992. Founders were members of the  Associa-tion and they transferred activities to the Private Medical Chamber.This chamber was working successfully for 15 years but it was closed in  2007.due to the state requirement. At that time activities of the Association of Private Medical practice were renewed.
Private medical practice in Serbia and ex Yugoslavia was allowed again  in 1989 after fourty years of prohibition by communist regime within the Law of Individual Work introduced by Vice President Mr.Ante Markovic.
The Association has developed its activities at the entire serbian territory.
This Association has got feature of legal person with  rights and duties which come from The Statute and the Law.
Supreme Body of the Association is Assembly that is elected by delegating  a representative.
The Association is represented by the president, who is  at the same  time president of the Managing Board  and is elected  duration four years.
Private Medical Practice in Serbia 1989-2012.
There are about 8.500 private health institutions in Serbia at the moment. They have been registered as independent economic subjects at the Agency for economic registers, 4500 in the field of medicine, the rest in the field of stomatology, laboratories and pharmacies.
In Private Sector there are around 10.000 doctors and they are permanently employed.
Over 20 billions of EURS had been invested in private health without mortgage during  twenty years.
There are more than 2000 ultra sound devices in private health as well as  more than 50Ct and MR.
There are more than 80 private hoispitals  with 500 hospital beds. They operate on all kinds of surgical treatments except on brain and heart.
Over 50%  inhabitants of Serbia use private medical services, 65% use gynecological services, 80% use laboratory
or stomatology services, 50% use diagnostic and specialist services.
Private medical practice is out of the state system of health insurance and it is at the free market.