Aims and Tasks

1.Promotion and Development of Health Care for Citizens of Serbia
2.Protection of professional,economic and legal interests of Members
3.Protection of patients`rights and fight against malpractice               
4.Promotion and Stimulation of Developmet of Medical Practice in Serbia
5.Organization of Permanent Medical Education for  the Members of the Association
6.Participation in Professional Boards and Public Debates during passing Laws in the Field of Health
7. Elaboration of the Research Projects  that are of Interest for Development of Private Medical Practice in Serbia as well as further Development of Health and Science  on the whole
8.Cooperation with similar professional Organizations and Associations as well as other Organizations that are of Interest  for this Association
9. Offer Help to the Members of Association and their Families
10.  Support and represent  the Members of the Association in providing most convenient Arrangements with  private Health or State Insurance Companies

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